OmiseGO - The Future July 01 2018

If you're here reading this chances are you already understand the value of this block-chain project. OmiseGO is creating the financial network of future. You can expect big things from this group in 2018-2019. $OMG has put together an amazing team and are building a network that can be used by a variety of block-chains to transmit financial data quickly and securely. Most importantly they strive to make this network accessible to the masses of people that currently do not use banking services due to lack of official identification or lack of trust. If you're a fan of the project pick up this high quality t-shirt and represent. 


The World of Anonymous January 27 2015

Love them or hate them, few groups have made the kind of impact on our world as the computer hacking consortium, Anonymous, has made. Either riding to the rescue of those that have been mistreated or handing out their own special kind of retribution it’s hard to argue that they are not legion. There is something interesting in the idea of a vigilante group righting all the wrongs of the world. These keyboard warriors have taken on some larger–than-life causes but unfortunately now anyone can hack through a security system and publically say they are from Anonymous. It makes you question when you hear something in the media that was supposedly done by the group. These are strange days we live in.

Oh well. At least you can enjoy this design with certainty. It’s a head turner and a conversation starter but a real member wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this t-shirt…or would they?


Tesla: Legalize It! March 31 2014

Electric Cars are all the buzz!  Tesla has finally produced one that will change the auto industry for years to come! New Jersey and a few other states have opted to ban the direct sale of Tesla, relying on old world car dealers.  It appears in some old fashioned states like New Jersey, they aren't ready to adapt to the modern world where the internet assists industry. Governor Christie must be helping out some of his old car dealership friends. We hope they see that industry development assists our ability to function as a society.  Typewriter or laptop Mr. Christie?  Uber Car service or crummy Yellow Cabs?
Make a statement with  us, and encourage modern development in industries!  TESLA: LEGALIZE IT!